SOWFA/Nalu-Wind Workshop Registration

There will be training workshops for some of NREL’s most important computer codes on the morning after the conference, Thursday, October 17. The workshops will be of particular interest to graduate students, faculty and in industry where these codes are used.

SOWFA and Nalu-Wind are two high-fidelity wind-plant flow solvers. They are mainly used to perform large-eddy simulations, with the ability to perform rotor geometry-resolved simulations or to model rotors using actuator lines and disks. Attendees at this workshop will learn about the underlying physics modeled by both codes, the differences between the two codes, as well as the basics of installation and usage. The SOWFA/Nalu-Wind workshop is being led by NREL’s Matt Churchfield and Ganesh Vijayakumar. The SOWFA and Nalu-Wind workshop will run from 10:30-12:30.