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Controllability Analysis of a Floating Offshore Wind Turbine University of Colorado Boulder
Effect of the Duct Shape on the Performance of a Ducted Wind Turbine Clarkson University
Numerical design of a wind observer and feedforward control of wind turbines Politecnico di Milano
Coupling of induction and wake models for rapid estimates of wind farm blockage and wind farm velocity fields National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Vortex Activities in Diffuser Augmented Wind Turbine University of Newcastle
Hydraulic air compressor driven by a suction wind turbine Lawyer
Correction of lidar retrieval in complex terrain based on numerical models National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Commercialization of a Diffuser Augmented Wind Turbine for Distributed Generation The University of Newcastle, Australia
Surface Roughness for Offshore Wind Energy University of Delaware
Advances in Wind Power Forecasting and Power Loss Mitigation for Cold Climate Operation Canmet Energy
Lessons Learned from the Share-03 Exercise of the Power Curve Working Group National Renewable Energy Laboratory
Multiline Ring Anchor System for Floating Offshore Wind Turbines Texas A&M University
Wind tunnel experimental variability of aerodynamic loads for wind turbine blades Northeastern University
Effect of Oscillating Inflow on Boundary Layer Development Pusan National University
Review of Hybrid Offshore Wind Energy Platforms  University of Massachusetts Amherst
Improving LiDAR performance on a complex terrain using CFD-based correction and direct-adjoint-loop optimization Mitsubishi Electric Research Laboratories
Investigation on wake by various turbulent models in 2MW rotor turbine using a 2-D and a 3-D CFD modeling Korea Institute of Energy Research (KIER)
Ammonia Production from a Non-Grid Connected Floating Offshore Windfarm WEG
Simulating the response of a small horizontal-axis wind turbine during a wind gust using FAST The University of Newcastle, Australia
Application of the IEC International Design Standard for Offshore Wind Turbines to a Reference Site in the Massachusetts Offshore Energy Area University of Massachusetts Amherst
Optimizing the Use of LIDAR in Wind Farms: Minimizing Life-Cycle Cost Impact of Yaw Error University of Maryland
Geospatial sensitivities of offshore wind LCOE in the United States National Renewable Energy Laboratory
A Frequency Domain Analysis Algorithm for Predicting Variance of Quasi-Static and Dynamic Wave-Driven Loads on a Monopile-Supported Offshore Wind Turbine Northeastern University
Developing Tools for Assessing Distributed Wind Project Performance NREL
A Standard Aeroelastic Definition of Wind Turbine Rotors NREL
Offshore Wind Professional Graduate Certificate Program University of Massachusetts Amherst
Varying Roughness Lengths of Waves for Wind Energy Modeling Predictions Texas Tech University
Active grid in a wind tunnel used for wind energy research University of Oldenburg
The effect of pitch control algorithm on the motion of floating offshore wind turbines The University of Tokyo